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Frequently asked questions:

  • How to choose my size?


    How to choose my size?


          All jerseys we sell on the site are in European size. If you are not sure about what size to choose, please refer to our size chart.  



    Size Chart 





    Size Guide 


  • When can I expect my order?


    We usually ship an order out within 1-5 working days (excluding weekends).

    Handling time: 1-5 working days. Order over 15 items may take a little longer

    Transit time: You may expect to receive your order within 5 -15 business days. It depends on which shipment method you use.


  • What are the payment methods?

    1.Credit card

          Our website accepts Debit card / Credit Card(Visa&Master) in channel 1, and accept only Credit Card(Visa&Master) in channel 2, channel 3.

    2.Bank card

          We also accept local bank transfer, such as Sofort, SafetyPay, Ideal, Poli, EPS(E-payment standard), QIWI and Ebanx.

    3.Western union/MoneyGram

          If you pay through western union/MoneyGram, we will offer you 5% off. You need to go to western union and transfer money to us or you can pay us online. For more details, please visit www.westernunion.com. Please contact us for western union receiver’s information.

  • How do I know whether my payment is received or not?


        Once your payment is received, you will get a confirmed email from us. You can also check your order status by My Account > All Orders.


  • How does the wholesale price work?


          If you buy lots of jerseys, you will get our wholesale price. You could view some details on the jersey page for the price.The more you buy, the cheaper they are. You can also contact our customer service to get a discount of extra 10% off or ask for free jerseys after you make the order. 

  • Why was my credit card payment failed?

    Reasons of credit card payment failure:

    Incorrect Card Information 

          1.Make sure you use a JCB,Master or Visa Credit Card. 

          2.Make sure you enter a right credit card number, Shipping address should same as billing address . 

    Bank refused / Transaction declined by the bank / Declined by issueing bank / Do not honor
          Please call your bank and ask them about that. As we known, some banks may refuse to transfer payment to China Bank Account . 
    Not sufficient funds
          Our site accepts US Dollars only. Please make sure your account have enough money for the order because your bank may charge you internaitonal exchange rate and commission charge.
          We have 3 Credit Card payment channels. If Channel 1 does not work, please try Channel 2 and Channel 3 for several times.It will work after several tries.
  • Why was I overcharged?


        We only charge the total amount of your order and the extra charge may be the international exchange fee and handling fee charged by the issuing bank. You could contact us to get more details.


  • How can I cancel my order which is already paid?


        You need to contact us to cancel. If the item in your order has not been printed or shipped, we will cancel it for you.

  • How do I track my order?


        After your order is shipped, we will send you an email to keep you informed. So please make sure you provide the correct email address and add our email address to your whitelist.

        You can also track your package on our site: Sign In>All Orders>Order Details, and you will find tracking information in your Order Details.

        If there are multiple items in an order, they will be divided and shipped in different packages which will have separate delivery dates and tracking information.

  • What is the solution if the package is held by Customs?


    Please don’t worry! If your package gets lost or held by Customs during shipment, please email us or send a message on our site, and we will send a new package to you.

  • How do I personalize my shirt ?


    We can personalize Offical style of patch, name & number on your jersey. Patches cost about USD $3-$6. Name & number cost extra USD $5.

    Personalization of kid's kits which are in size #16, #18, #20 are smaller than adult shirts. 

    Adult Shirt ( Men & Women):

       12 letters  &  2 number at maximum. 

    Kids' kit :  

       10 letters   & 2 number at maximum.

    If you want to personalize your kits with team logo,sponsor logo, patch and name & number, please send us meesge or email us  with your design. 


  • What should I do if my package gets stuck somewhere after it is shipped?


     It is normal if it is stuck in Guangzhou, China. If the package gets stuck at the destination’s Customs more than a week, please contact us for further assistance.

  • Is any of your merchandise restricted in my country?


          Every country regulates the quantities and varieties of items that can be imported. Sports apparel is not generally considered restricted, but please check with your local customs agency before ordering.

  • Do you charge tax?


         We do not charge tax, but your local customs officials may charge some tax before allowing the item to enter your country, and the carrier usually pays the tax for you and ask for a pay-back from you in delivery. You are responsible for ALL customs fees (including duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and any other fees) assessed at the border before delivery.

  • If I make some mistakes in my order, how can I correct them?


         You can change your order details by contacting us before your order gets shipped, but the handling time in such a situation will take longer than usual. To ensure smooth delivery, please check and confirm your order details before you submit the order. If the order has been shipped, we can not change your order details. Please understand.

  • Is it free to ship to my country and how many days it will take?


         We offer free standard shipping to most countries, which usually takes about 7-20 days. If you need your items urgently, please select fast shipping --- DHL or Fedex that will take 5-10 days for delivery.

  • When will the payment be confirmed after I pay through western union/MoneyGram?


          Normally we will confirm your payment in 1-3 days. And we will change your order status to “Being Processed” after that.  

  • My payment is failed, but I don’t want to use western union. Can I use PayPal?


          We are sorry that for now we don't accept Paypal. If you don't wanna use western union, you could choose bank transfer, which will be much more convenient and quickly. Or you may try to pay again with another card. If it doesn't work, we suggest you contact the issuing bank for the failure reason of your payment. 

  • Can I place an order through email or phone?


         It will be much more convenient and quickly for us to process your order if you make it on our website directly. If you need some help, please contact the customer service with details so that we will help you.

  • Why do the website not let me buy several discounted jerseys?


          Discounted shirts are for orders which include at least 2 jerseys in regular price. You could add only one discounted shirt to one order. If your order is over $100, please contact our customer service to take extra 10% off.

  • Why do I need to pay more when I put one discounted shirt to my order?


          Discounted shirts are not free.They are only in a lower price. If you choose a discounted shirt, then you need to pay for it with the discounted price.

  • About quality of our products.



        Our jerseys are replicas with great quality and reasonable price.



        You could view some reviews made by our customers.They are satisfied with our products,service and the website.

        YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gogoalshop.co

  • If the jerseys I got are with quality problems, can I demand reimbursement?


          Yes.Please contact us instantly by providing clear pictures about the problem. We will make relevant compensation.

  • Do you have all the items in stock?Can you make shirts for me?


          Thanks for your attention. All the new-season items sold on our website are available in stock now. You could directly place a new order online. And we will try to get more shirts of new season in 2-3 months. But we are not able to restock any shirts of old season or make any order with your design. 

  • I want to buy a bulk of shirts, but there is not enough stock.


          Please leave message on the jersey page and we will get back to you if new shirts are available. 

  • If the shirt doesn’t fit me,can I exchange or return it?


          If the jersey has already been personalized, it can not be exchanged or returned because we can not sell it again.

          If the jersey isn’t customized with your own name and number, or you choose a Roster Jersey (Such as MESSI #10, RONALDO #7), you can exchange or return it.But the Jersey should be in perfect condition as you received. And you need to pay the shipping fee of the send-back shipment (and re-sending).

          Please contact us for the receiver’s address.

  • What are the differences between player version and fan version?


    Player version:

          The team logo in player version jersey is stamped. Some are with two-line holes on both sides. Some are with only one-line holes on the shoulder. What's more, player version jerseys are slim fit . 

    Fans version:

          Team logo is embroidered, and there is no any hole on both sides or shoulder, just like the normal shirts.

  • What's GAGA DEAL ?


          All gaga deal items are treated as same as other items with regular price.

          Items in GAGA DEAL could be any hot sale products available on gogoalshop.co. There are 12 new and random items in each round.  
          For more details, please check here: https://www.gogoalshop.co/flash-index.
  • Why is the coupon cash I win in betting not added to my account?


          We add betting rewards every working day. But if you win some in weekend, then your rewards will be added on the following Monday.

  • I have invited many people to your site, but I do not get coupon cash. Why?


    If you invite your friend to register on our website,your friend will get $3 coupon cash once he/she registers.

    As for your reward of inviting friend, when your friend places an order on our website, and you will get 10% commission from his order’s payment amount. That is, if the payment amount is $100, then you will get $100x10%=$10 (as coupon cash).
    You can check the rules here: https://www.gogoalshop.co/bulletin-more-itemid-7113/They_Buy_Jersey_You_Mak_Money/
  • About location of gogoalshop.com


          Our company is located in China, so all the packages are shipped from China. And our website keeps updating new jerseys.

  • I already wrote a review. When will you give me the coupon?


          Writing order review will have a chance to get coupon cash. If it is useful to us, we will accept it and you will get the coupon cash. Please understand.

  • I have filmed a video review and uploaded it to your site. Will I get my coupon cash?

    Following our requirements and making a review video, you could get $14.99 cash coupon as a reward. 


          1.Shoot a clear video over 3 minutes, sincerely describe the details on the item and introduce our website as well as the promotions on our site, and make a review.

          2.The title of the video must be Gogoalshop.co + item’s name + Unboxing Review.

             e.g:Gogoalshop.co 16-17 Barcelona home jersey Unboxing Review.

          3.The Video description must contain the item’s link and your Invitation link.

          4.Cash Coupon will be added when your video gets over 50 views.


          If your video gets over 1000 views, we will send you extra $14.99 cash coupon. Please email us through vipgogoalshop@hotmail.com with your review video link & order number.

          Sample Review Video:http://bsurl.cc/hrEWd2fr

          Sample Video Description:

          Product Link: https://www.gogoalshop.co/pd-6369.html ( The link of your review items )

          You will save $5 by clicking my invitation Link: https://www.gogoalshop.co/members/Gogoalshops (Your invitation link)

          After we check and accept it, you will get the coupon.

  • How to wash and maintain the jerseys?


           1.For the jersey with printing, washing it by hand is the best way. Thus, please try to avoid washing it by machine. If you use a machine to wash it, please turn the jersey inside out.

           2.Please do not wash the printed or stamped areas too hard in case that the jersey would get damaged. Please do not expose the jerseys in the sun for long to avoid the burst of logo and patches, the fading of colors and the peeling of letters. Please hang up the jersey when you do not wear it.

           3.If the printed letters and numbers tilt up, please use clean and non-stick plastic paper or stencil to cover them, make the jersey flat, press and iron it with 150° in 7-8 seconds. It will be firm when you finish the above steps. If not, please iron again. ATTENTION: please do not let the iron touch the printed or stamped areas directly.

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