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What do we want to do?


We release a new site with a new classification monthly, likes a big shopping mall,here you always can find what you 

want at the affordable prices. We believe exquisite life can be with less spending.                  






In 2014, we launched GOGOALSHOP. In past 5 years,although our products and service have received the approbation 

from our customers,we still realized we have a disadvantage, we can’t satisfy all the different demands of our

customers. Why we didn’t take any action when we know that?  

Because we can’t sure we can offer 100% satisfied products or service at that time.But now, it is the right time to do 

some change. We are focusing on integrating our various resources.We claimed whether we can create a platform to 

meet all the demands of our customers, no matter for shopping,even for some financial needs or whether we can do 

something with our customers. The answer is “Yes”.That was the beginning of our work. After we know what we want to 

 do, and then we work hard on how to do,how to achieve our goal. We want to build up a active community together with 

our customers,who don’t only spend money on our websites, but also can earn money from our websites.hat’s why while

we are going to launch more and more different websites with different categories,we are planning to set up our 

completed affiliate program and withdraw service. 





In this community, our customers can buy whatever they want, and at the mean time, can earn money. 





Our customers can earn money via


1. The affiliate program, introducing people to buy something from our websites, and then earn commission

2. The task program, completing the tasks that we offer, and then earn extra money

3. The investment program, depositing money in our community, and then earn interests                                                         


How to earn money?


How to earn money - gogoalshop.co



Why us?


Our gogoshop was launched in December 2014, we focus on counterfeit soccer jerseys. From the attached graphs, you

can see our sales is keep increasing all the time.            


If you want to do something but without any idea


If you want to earn money as a freelancer


If you want to find out what you can do


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